Meet the Band


Lead Vocals

Name: Andrea K.

Instrument: Voice

Nickname: I go by my middle name on social media. Does that count? 

Favorite drink: Guinness

Dream destination: Basque country

Favorite band growing up: No Doubt!

First concert: Less Than Jake at the DV8 

Last thing you bought online: drafting pencils

Siblings? a brother and a sister (younger)

Pets? Lena the Chug; Uisce the Chi-Terrier and two fish named n'Gary and Scampy Dan)

Favorite member of WaD: haha not falling for this

Favorite No Doubt song: Tragic Kingdom (title track)

Biggest pet peeve: when people point in the wrong direction when referencing a location. "Canada is that way" but they are pointing towards Florida.... ugh.

Thing you miss most from the 90's: driving around in my '79 Datson 810 blasting Rage Against the Machine.


Guitar & backup vocals

Name: Chelsea

Instrument: Guitar 

Nickname: Gypsy, Chelpie, Chelp of Dhoom

Favorite drink: Champagne

Dream destination: England

Favorite band growing up: Garbage

First concert: Presidents of the USA

Last thing you bought online: Coffee

Siblings? Pets? Three sisters, two brothers, and I really want a dog!

Favorite member of WaD: Michael

Favorite No Doubt song: Sunday Morning

Biggest pet peeve: Too much talking at band practice 

Thing you miss most from the 90's: Loving listening to the radio



Name-- Christina Stevens

Instrument- Saxophone

Nickname- too embarassing

Favorite drink- Malbec

Dream destination- Ireland to hear music

Favorite band growing up- Rick Springfield (1st vinyl album )

First concert- Petra

Last thing you bought online- Flatware

Siblings? Pets? 2 brothers, 2 miniature Australian Shepherds named Frodo and Samwise, 3 goats Everett, Pete and Cherry, 2 horses Mico and Shadow (miniature)

Favorite member of WaD- No faves love them all

Favorite No Doubt song- Bathwater

Biggest pet peeve - mouth noises especially crunching

Thing you miss most from the 90's- simplicity



Name: Jack

Instrument: Drums

Nickname: Dr. Love, Love Machine, JLove, That Fuckin Guy

Favorite drink: Pina Coladas

Dream destination: Portugal

Favorite band growing up: System of a Down

First concert: Maynard Ferguson at Jazz Alley

Last thing you bought online: Athletic Greens

Siblings? Pets?: 4 sisters and 4 brothers! Best cat in the world named Cloud

Favorite member of WaD: Michael, because he makes badass Lumpia

Favorite No Doubt song: World Go 'Round and The Climb

Biggest pet peeve: People stopped at a red light waiting for the light to turn green before turning their left blinker on in heavy traffic. YOU HAVE NO VALUE TO SOCIETY

Thing you miss most from the 90's: Being a kid. Also moonshoes


trombone & backup vocals

Name: Melissa

Instrument: Trombone/tambourine

Nickname: Meli Mel

Favorite drink: Spiked Seltzer

Dream destination: all 7 continents

Favorite band growing up: Less Than Jake

First concert: Eve 6

Last thing you bought online: leggings

Siblings? Pets? 4 brothers, no cats currently but scheming to get another one

Favorite member of WaD: myself because I'm like the 7th best musician in the band buy definitely the first best comedian

Favorite No Doubt song: Just a Girl

Biggest pet peeve: typos

Thing you miss most from the 90's: Tamagotchis


keys & backup vocals

Name: Michael

Instrument: Keys and my voice!

Nickname: Mike, Spicy Mike, Mikey, EERINGAN

Favorite drink: Whiskey Sour

Dream destination: Honolulu

Favorite band growing up: BSB

First concert: Eagles and Doobie Brothers

Last thing you bought online: Face Moisturizer

Siblings? Pets?: one younger brother and his pleco that he left behind when he went to grad school on the east coast

Favorite member of WaD: Chels!

Favorite No Doubt song: The Climb

Biggest pet peeve: Rude People

Thing you miss most from the 90's: Nickelodeon



Name: Rich Runge

Instrument: Trumpet

Nickname: No nickname :(

Favorite Drink: IPA

Dream Destination: France

Favorite Band Growing Up: AC/DC

First Concert: Huey Lewis and the News

Last Thing You Bought Online: A book: Gulag Archipalego

Siblings? Pets?: 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Yellow Lab, Sam

Favorite Member of WaD?: We are all favorite members

Favorite No Doubt Song: Spiderwebs

Biggest Pet Peeve: Ignorance

Thing you miss most from the 90's: 8 years of peace



Name: Ryan 

Instrument: Bass

Nickname: Snapper

Favorite drink: Any IPA Please

Dream destination: Gwen Stefani's Back yard hot tub.. I'm sure she has one

Favorite band growing up: I used to listen to a lot of AFI, Rancid and Choking Victim

First concert: Anti-Flag at the Graceland (before it became El Corazon) 

Last thing you bought online: New pair of Jeans

Siblings? Pets? My Dog is Auggie, he is the best at being fuzzy

Favorite member of WaD: Robot Overlord 

Favorite No Doubt song: I played "different people" with my first band in high school so that one is always fun

Biggest pet peeve: When Jack plays the jungle beat during practice

Thing you miss most from the 90's: Seeing bands with actual instruments on TV... and Ninja Turtles definitely Ninja Turtles